Friday, March 27, 2009


I was first introduced to the Faryl Robin shoe line at a little boutique 
across the street from my apartment in Brooklyn, and I was 
instantly a fan.  Her designs are practical and yet whimsical with
bold colors and original details in places you would least expect them. 

These menswear-inspired booties remind me of my childhood loafers. 
I covet the grey ones.

The design and color combo of these caged wedges are awesome.  
They would look great with colored tights, or sans hosiery.

Awesome flats? Yes, please!

I would wear these fold-over booties with everything.

Me gusta sexy pumps!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Faryl last week, and she couldn't
have been nicer, which of coursemakes me like her shoes even more.

She told me her secret to knowing her customer's wants and needs 
is working in a retail store once a week. She's so cool. 
That would explain the real world practicality of her line.

I asked her what's the best way to preserve and take care of your shoes -- 
her response, "Wear your shoes, wear them until you trash them." 
I find this advice so liberating, 'cause I normally agonize over every
crease and scratch, which takes the fun out of wearing fab footwear.

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