Saturday, March 28, 2009


I went to Marshall's this past weekend to look for some home goods.
While I didn't have much luck with that, 
I did however have a photo-shoot in the hat department. 

'Tis the season for Easter bonnets -- and this year they are fabulous!

Feathers, lace and curly Q's, oh my!!!
It's like a party on my head!

A weeping willow of goodness.

Just the right amount of drama.

Oversized pastel headdress or Magnolia cupcake?

This 1920s-inspired cloche made me feel like Angelina in Changeling.

I think this one is my favorite.  
The  e l o n g a t e d  shape was
like balancing a platter on my head.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I was first introduced to the Faryl Robin shoe line at a little boutique 
across the street from my apartment in Brooklyn, and I was 
instantly a fan.  Her designs are practical and yet whimsical with
bold colors and original details in places you would least expect them. 

These menswear-inspired booties remind me of my childhood loafers. 
I covet the grey ones.

The design and color combo of these caged wedges are awesome.  
They would look great with colored tights, or sans hosiery.

Awesome flats? Yes, please!

I would wear these fold-over booties with everything.

Me gusta sexy pumps!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Faryl last week, and she couldn't
have been nicer, which of coursemakes me like her shoes even more.

She told me her secret to knowing her customer's wants and needs 
is working in a retail store once a week. She's so cool. 
That would explain the real world practicality of her line.

I asked her what's the best way to preserve and take care of your shoes -- 
her response, "Wear your shoes, wear them until you trash them." 
I find this advice so liberating, 'cause I normally agonize over every
crease and scratch, which takes the fun out of wearing fab footwear.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


I met B-Side jewelry designers Dana Chin and Ken Leung a couple
of months ago at the Geren Ford fashion show. They were both really
 cool young guys and seemed down to earth. I loved that one of their
girlfriends (not a model) is the face in their lookbook. 

Geren Ford accessorized her fall collection with B-Side jewelry, and it
was definitely the accessories that stole the show. Dana and Ken are most
known for their fine jewelry line called BYLU (pronounced blue). 
For B-Side, they went back to their fashion roots and designed
a more modern, edgy label primarily inspired by graffiti. The 
jewelry worn in the show had strong geometric and abstract shape influences.

Try to focus on the necklace and not her hair.

The necklace worn by designer Geren Ford (below) is my favorite. 
I like that it's bold and commands attention without being gaudy. 
I'm not normally into angular, geometric shapes but I think
that the squares clustered and hanging off a double-strand
chain makes the piece look feminine and cool. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I made the mistake of RSVPing to the Cynthia Rowley fall 2009 runway show late. My punishment? Having to wait in a long line, outside, in the cold. I was so close to leaving when I happened to glance over and see picketers. I was suddenly entralled. I loved that these people cared enough about the bed-bug problem in Manhattan hotels to actually make signs and then take the time to hold them up in protest outside of a fashion show. 
See, the hotel the show was taking place in (I can't remember its name) was reported earlier in the year to have bed bugs. Not cool.

I think my favorite sign was "Are bed bugs the new black?" Hilarious!!!

Anyway, watching the protesters kept me entertained so I didn't leave. And good thing or I would have missed what I think was my favorite accessory during fashion week: embellished tights!!!

I was in the second or third row, and here is my attempt at trying to photograph them.

I swear almost every picture I have from that show basically looks like this.

Afterward, those tights were all I could talk about. I could picture them in my wardrobe, but I had no images of them, no proof.
So I was really excited last week when I received an invitation to view the line again, close up in their West Village boutique.

Brace yourselves for the genius you are about to see.  I don't think the pictures do them justice, but trust me, they are fabulous.

Floral patterns of beads and sequins are hand-sewn down the front of the leg (below, right stocking). And a floral-printed motif highlights the back. They come in two colors, black and burgundy, and will retail for $300 something. Ouch!!!

The tight on the left has a flattering arrangement of studs going down the center of the leg. But they can always be worn backwards for subtle flare. They also made a pair with studs accenting the sides of the leg. They're priced at $75. I'll take them!
It's still a splurge considering they are just tights, but I think they can take any ordinary outfit to another level of chic.

The clothing was also very cute, very patchwork-y with colorful prints and interesting details. But I would much rather talk about the accessories, like these vintage-style shades. I really like the unique shapes and the decorative frames make them special.

These slouchy boots are a great shade of brown, and I like their billowy form. They sort of remind me of leg warmers, tapered at the top and bottom and scrunchy in the center.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've never had a love affair with Coach -- Louis Vuitton, yes -- Coach, no.  But I must say, they have really stepped things up for fall 2009. Finally deviating from their traditional styles and prints, their fall collection (available starting July) is timely, classic and fun. Most importantly: Not every bag in the collection is covered with C's. Thank god!

This is my favorite bag in the line. I like that it's hobo-esque in shape without being too slouchy. I can't get enough of dual straps and its roominess can hold all the junk I carry. The unique color is an exciting change from boring brown, but it will still match everything. 

I like the classic shape of this bag. The fringe is trendy without being overdone and the metallic shade isn't glaring.

They really got it right with studs -- the placement and varying sizes give it just the right amount of edge without looking like the bag was resurrected from the '80's.

I like how the C's are pressed into the material of this clutch.  It's a refreshing and subtle spin on their love of the logo.

The leopard-looking jacket is another great example. Look closely, those are C's, not spots.

These mary-janes are adorable. I love the colors and the stud accents, and the heel is perfect.

Good job, Coach!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I previewed Rebecca Taylor Fall 2009 and (of course) really liked what I saw.  Her second accessory collection parallels the style of her much loved clothing line. She pays close attention to detail, adds flirty feminine accents, incorporates fun prints and uses amazing fabrics.   

I love the ruffle detail on the heels of these ballerina flats. The girly accent is also available on the back of high-heel mary janes. 

The shape of these ankle-booties are very flattering.  I like the pointy toe, stiletto heel and that the embellishment is subtle and not too overdone. The patchwork booty also comes in black and turquoise.   

These cut-out boots are fun.  The peep toe really makes them.  If it were a closed toe I don't think they would look as cool.

My favorite part of the collection was the jewelry (shocker!).  Bulky silver chains were combined with oversize lucite findings and large rhinestones resulting in awesome statement pieces . I wasn't surprised to hear the line was a collaboration with jewelry designer Lee Angel.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I know...I'm awful -- it's been 12 days since my last entry. Not okay!! 
But I have a good excuse: I moved. It was a painful process, and I'm actually still not completely unpacked. So please, cut me some slack.

Taking a break from settling in, I took a trip to one of my favorite finds in Carroll Gardens -- UNION MAX.
Located at 110 Union Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, this mother/daughter-owned shop is a jewelry designer and vintage lover's dream. 
There is antique jewelry just about everywhere you look, and their unconventional ways of displaying it (like on a grid against the wall) make your experience there even more fun. 

I LOVE thrift store shopping.  I would say I'm addicted to feeling of rummaging through things to find something spectacular.  But it's kind of nice when all the junk has been edited out and the only thing available is the good stuff. That's what it's like there.


They specialize in beads, but I really like their unique selection of clasps and hardware. They carry styles you don't see in an average bead shop.

In addition to beads and jewelry, Union Max carries clothing, shoes, handbags and kitchy home goods. A lot of their customers are stylists, designers and store owners that will resell their goods. The prices are reasonable, more expensive than the average Goodwill but cheaper than the overpriced shi-shi Manhattan thrift store.

Offering a little bit of everything, this place is worth crossing over the BQE for.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Fiona Paxton-my latest obsession!  These necklace are to die for!!

Fiona Paxton jewelry has been seen on many Tinsletown starlets lately, and for good reason! 
Her collection of necklaces and bracelets are the perfect blend of bead work and metals, with native american and rock-n-roll influences. Retailing for around $300, these unique pieces are worth the high-end price tags.

Like Hilary Duff--I would complement such a statement necklace with solid color basics. Drew's ensemble has a little too much going on. 

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Saturday, March 7, 2009


I can already see these simple but special bracelets stacked on my wrists. Throw in a few gold bangles and stretchy beads and I'm ready for spring/summer! I probably wouldn't take them off till next fall. The Ettika collection is a colorful line consisting of braided leather, silk wraps and charmed accents. Being a free-spirited, summer-loving, dress-donning fashionista, I NEED these. You do too.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Take a looky at what Vera Wang's got going on for fall 2009. 

Early on during fashion week I spoke to designer Rebecca Minkoff about fall trends and what she thought would be fashion's direction. She predicted we would see a lot of embellishment. Which I thought was odd considering the economy and that she didn't have one spec of embellishment in her collection. But as the days went on I saw that she was right. Embellishment was everywhere!! 
And if the garment themselves weren't bedazzled, they were accessorized with big eye-catching jewelry--like at Vera Wang.
Vera paired the above gems with solid colors and simple separates. 
I love it when jewelry takes center stage!

Monday, March 2, 2009


This blog will primarily be about jewelry.  However, if I'm just as interested in something else (which I often am), I will definitely let you know. For example: Monique Lhuillier's nod to the ballerina that brought me back to my youth.

Monique Lhuillier's Fall 2009 show was fittingly entitled Modern Ballet Russes. The collection consists of dresses made of tulle,  silk jersey and brocade in muted colors. But it's her edgy play on layering that takes the elegant line to a more modern level. The ripped tights worn as undershirts (see below) and dramatic jewelry by Fenton were unique theatrical additions.

I used to do this to my tights when I danced.  Here's how to get the look:
  • Buy a pair of black sheer hosiery
  • Cut off the feet [this turns the legs into sleeves]
  • Remove the crotch (sorry, there's no better way to say it!!) [this is now the opening for your head]
Voila! You now have a cool undershirt. The material will quickly run, but don't worry, the more runs the better!

I love how jewelry designer Dana Lorenz  pairs chains with pearls and rhinestones to make twisting, eye-catching pieces. Her statement necklaces brought out a little rock-n-roll in the graceful models. Check out her entire collection at

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