Thursday, March 26, 2009


I met B-Side jewelry designers Dana Chin and Ken Leung a couple
of months ago at the Geren Ford fashion show. They were both really
 cool young guys and seemed down to earth. I loved that one of their
girlfriends (not a model) is the face in their lookbook. 

Geren Ford accessorized her fall collection with B-Side jewelry, and it
was definitely the accessories that stole the show. Dana and Ken are most
known for their fine jewelry line called BYLU (pronounced blue). 
For B-Side, they went back to their fashion roots and designed
a more modern, edgy label primarily inspired by graffiti. The 
jewelry worn in the show had strong geometric and abstract shape influences.

Try to focus on the necklace and not her hair.

The necklace worn by designer Geren Ford (below) is my favorite. 
I like that it's bold and commands attention without being gaudy. 
I'm not normally into angular, geometric shapes but I think
that the squares clustered and hanging off a double-strand
chain makes the piece look feminine and cool. 

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