Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm back from my vacay in Florida (thrift store capital of the U.S.)! 
I was there for a family wedding, but I couldn't help visiting a few 
Hospices, Good Shephards and Salvation Armys along the way. 
Here are two bags I snagged. 

Beaded sack for $2 bucks, that's what I'm talking about.

back view

And this suitcase for $5.95. I've been scoping out 
my local goodwills for one, so I'm so glad I can now cross it off my list. 
It's a perfect size for me -- 
I like to travel light so I can buy things from wherever I go.

shades-vintage, top-vintage, skirt-Am.Apparel, bangles-Noir, shoes-Sofft

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 IN 1

I'm about to take off for my 9 day vacay, yes!!!!!!!!! 
But first..... how cool is this? 
It comes from Brahmin, out next spring.

The inside lining of the bag is a bag in itself.

Two carryalls in one. How fab!

Ok, I'm off!! 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While planning her wedding, Rebecca Minkoff got a 
firsthand look at how limited stylish bridal accessories can be. 
(Not having planned a wedding, I'll trust her on this.) 
Taking matters into her own hands, she designed custom-made 
bags for each of her bridesmaids, thus the "I Do" collection was born. 

Her designs are a marriage of elegance and edgy, 
a winning combination for any handbag.

Classic creme and black are available, 
or (even cooler) you can provide your own fabric. 
Something to match their dresses perhaps? 
Prices range from $190-$225, with a minimum of four bags. 
A little steep for the average gal, but if you have the funds, 
your bridesmaids will thank you! 

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


It was a little too hot today to be sporting any 
extra accessories, but I did for the love of Faye. 
Five years ago, I went through a phase when I would 
wear a hankerchief on my head everyday. 
(I can't remember if I was covering a bad haircut 
or if it was my simple solution to not doing my hair.) 
After Netflixing Bonnie and Clyde, I was inspired to 
don it again, with a twist.

scarf-Bilingual, sunglasses-vintage, top-from Greece, necklace-Rachel Leigh

I can't say I liked the movie, but Faye's costumes 
and beauty make up for the lackluster plot. 
I think the scarf around her neck is worth copying.

I stored away my beret in high school shortly 
after a class trip to Paris. I thought I was cool 
purchasing a traditional black beret until the 
rest of my classmates picked up their own in a 
rainbow of colors and wore them everywhere we went. 
We could have been chanting "TOURISTS COMING THROUGH" 
and it would have been more subtle. 
I'll hold off till fall to take that one out of the archives!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Leave it to Sakroots to create a handbag line that is a 
mindful contribution to the world. Their latest project 
for Spring 2010, the Sakroots Artists Circle, 
supports the Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees campaign 
and offers an excellent opportunity for undiscovered artists. 
The collection features original prints created by artists 
who share the brand's hope for harmony and peace. 
The series starts with Brooklyn-based artist Diane Barcelowsky.

This bag is my favorite. I like that the complete 
illustration is visable and printed in it's entirety.
It's like carrying a piece of art on your shoulder.

Diane's One World drawing grabbed the attention 
of a Sakroots employee at a Brooklyn gallery exhibit. 
Diane told me that when she got an e-mail from the 
company expressing their interest in designing a line 
of bags around her work, she thought it was a joke and ignored it. 
Good thing the people at Sakroots were persistent!

The intricate detail of her piece is incredible. It looks like a tapestry. 

Diane Barcelowsky

There are nine different bag shapes available in 
eco-canvas and eco-nylon, in two color palettes. 
The collection will retail for $79-$99, and will be 
sold at all major department stores and

Stay tuned-- Sakroots will introduce 
another artist for a brand new collection each season.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hair accessories can top off any look, but 
they're usually on the bottom of my list 
of fashion priorities, except of course when 
I'm dreaming of living on a tropical island and 
donning a red hibiscus in my hair. 
Then they are a must!
I viewed Colette Malouf's fall collection recently, 
and it reminded me of how fun hair accessories 
can be where ever you are. They are an unexpected 
element that can transform an outfit. 
Everything else can be understated 
(minimal makeup, small earrings, simple attire),
and a bold hair bauble will attract all of the attention 
and draw it to your face.

These combs are my favorite. The craftsmanship is stellar.

Note to self -- I can live in New York 
and still wear a flower in my hair.

Represented by Siren Pr.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Unlike yesterday's post, today I bring you a good idea 
when it comes to shoes. It's from Kenneth Cole, 
and I think it's going to change the future of footwear. 
It's called the 925 TECHNOLOGY collection 
(a little play on the metal silver and 9 to 5, as in the workday).  

Each shoe is designed with a patented cushioning 
system that consists of two layers of foam (a shock absorber 
and a memory foam that molds to the shape of the foot), 
a flaxseed pillow in the arch for support, a rubber sole for flexibility, 
a sheepskin lining allowing the foot to breathe 
and an impact resistant nylon heel lift.

I tried one on, and it was pretty cozy to say the least.  
This month a limited supply of 5 different shoe designs 
with the fancy shmancy inside are available. 

Look for the silver heel.

They aren't just limiting the 925 TECHNOLOGY to stilettos, 
the inner lining can also be found in flats. 
As those of us high-heel wearers know, 
sometimes a flat can be less comfortable than a heel, 
so kudos to Kenneth!

Going forward all of their shoes will have 
the 925 TECHNOLOGY. I definitely wouldn't 
mind owning a pair. Having a pretty pump I can wear 
all day and into the evening without any pain sounds good to me. 
I think this is the start of a feel good shoe revolution! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have a lot to talk about this week, 
as many designers are showing their holiday collections.
But first... something more mind blowing!
While walking down 5th Avenue, I was stopped at a crosswalk, 
I looked down and there it was... 
something you  could only see in New York -- 
a pair of lace up men's oxfords turned into peep-toe slingbacks!!!! 
I kid you not. 
My first thought, "Camera, where is my camera?" 
I rummaged through my bag, 
my second thought being, "Please don't let the traffic light change." 
I got out my Nikon D50, quietly and discreetly took my first picture. 
The light changed, and he was off.

There began my pursuit of following him, 
and this guy was a quick walker. It was in the 90's today, 
I had a film of sweat covering my body but I sucked it up 
and kept pace closely behind him.

As I was chasing him, all i could think was "I NEED more angles of this"! 

I cannot believe it! Full on slingbacks!!!! 
Was this a home project? Or professionally done?

While I commend him on his creativity, 
I think peep-toes should be saved for the ladies!! 
Wouldn't you say?