Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've never had a love affair with Coach -- Louis Vuitton, yes -- Coach, no.  But I must say, they have really stepped things up for fall 2009. Finally deviating from their traditional styles and prints, their fall collection (available starting July) is timely, classic and fun. Most importantly: Not every bag in the collection is covered with C's. Thank god!

This is my favorite bag in the line. I like that it's hobo-esque in shape without being too slouchy. I can't get enough of dual straps and its roominess can hold all the junk I carry. The unique color is an exciting change from boring brown, but it will still match everything. 

I like the classic shape of this bag. The fringe is trendy without being overdone and the metallic shade isn't glaring.

They really got it right with studs -- the placement and varying sizes give it just the right amount of edge without looking like the bag was resurrected from the '80's.

I like how the C's are pressed into the material of this clutch.  It's a refreshing and subtle spin on their love of the logo.

The leopard-looking jacket is another great example. Look closely, those are C's, not spots.

These mary-janes are adorable. I love the colors and the stud accents, and the heel is perfect.

Good job, Coach!

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