Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I made the mistake of RSVPing to the Cynthia Rowley fall 2009 runway show late. My punishment? Having to wait in a long line, outside, in the cold. I was so close to leaving when I happened to glance over and see picketers. I was suddenly entralled. I loved that these people cared enough about the bed-bug problem in Manhattan hotels to actually make signs and then take the time to hold them up in protest outside of a fashion show. 
See, the hotel the show was taking place in (I can't remember its name) was reported earlier in the year to have bed bugs. Not cool.

I think my favorite sign was "Are bed bugs the new black?" Hilarious!!!

Anyway, watching the protesters kept me entertained so I didn't leave. And good thing or I would have missed what I think was my favorite accessory during fashion week: embellished tights!!!

I was in the second or third row, and here is my attempt at trying to photograph them.

I swear almost every picture I have from that show basically looks like this.

Afterward, those tights were all I could talk about. I could picture them in my wardrobe, but I had no images of them, no proof.
So I was really excited last week when I received an invitation to view the line again, close up in their West Village boutique.

Brace yourselves for the genius you are about to see.  I don't think the pictures do them justice, but trust me, they are fabulous.

Floral patterns of beads and sequins are hand-sewn down the front of the leg (below, right stocking). And a floral-printed motif highlights the back. They come in two colors, black and burgundy, and will retail for $300 something. Ouch!!!

The tight on the left has a flattering arrangement of studs going down the center of the leg. But they can always be worn backwards for subtle flare. They also made a pair with studs accenting the sides of the leg. They're priced at $75. I'll take them!
It's still a splurge considering they are just tights, but I think they can take any ordinary outfit to another level of chic.

The clothing was also very cute, very patchwork-y with colorful prints and interesting details. But I would much rather talk about the accessories, like these vintage-style shades. I really like the unique shapes and the decorative frames make them special.

These slouchy boots are a great shade of brown, and I like their billowy form. They sort of remind me of leg warmers, tapered at the top and bottom and scrunchy in the center.

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