Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am lovin' these bags by CC SKYE

I have three large storage crates full of vintage handbags.  
Oddly, I don't have one amazing black bag. Colorful clutches
 up the wazoo but a basic black that I would carry everyday, not a one! 
When it comes to accessories, I tend to favor shoes and jewelry. 
As a result, I have closets full of pumps and an armoire overflowing 
with jewels. I NEED a bag. A good one. One that if there was a fire in 
my apartment, I would run back in to get it!! I am starting my fab handbag fund today.
And until I have enough moolah saved -- 
I will keep my eyes on the prize and my nose to the grindstone 
for what I could be potentially carrying  next fall. 
These three bags are in the running.
What do you think?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Why the mourning garb?
Sadly, actress Bea Arthur passed away this weekend. 
I think I can speak for all Golden Girls fanatics 
when I say, "Dorothy, thank you for being a friend!" 

Ever since I bought the DVDs, I have been obsessively 
watching episode after episode, sometimes even while 
eating cheesecake. I've been wanting to write about the 
adornments donned by the Golden Goddesses, and 
I can't think of a more appropriate time than now.

Dorothy had arguably the most distinctive style of all the girls.  
She took menswear to another level. Standing at 5'10'' everything 
about her was exaggerated. She wore loose, heavily draped 
clothing, big shoulder pads and bulky earrings. Unexpectedly, 
she also rocked a large Native American ring. 

When she wasn't in her negligee, sex pot Blanche Devereaux 
pranced around in supreme accessories -- nude high heels, 
chain-link purses and large dangling earrings. 
The vixen was ahead of her time!

Saint Olof native Rose Nylund kept her baubles to 
basics (think pearl necklaces, hoop earrings and a thin watch)
with her waist-cinched dresses.

Sophia was rarely seen without her oversize specs and dual-handle 
handbag (oddly, except in these photos). The wise-cracking 
Sicilian really is straight-up Brooklyn. 

This show was ahead of its time.  In my opinion, it was the first 
Sex and the City, only better. The actresses were incredible, 
the writing was brilliant and the costuming was smart. 

You'll be missed, Pussycat!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Lace is like leopard print -- it never goes out of style. There are seasons 
when it's more prominently a trend than others, but it's always present. 
With recent innovations, designers have gotten crafty when it comes to 
modernizing the material and using it for everything. Stuart Weitzman 
used laser-cut suede to resemble lace for the fall 2009 collection. 
They're not the first to do it, but I still think it's so cool!

Lace is so romantic and vintage inspired, I can't think of a better 
material I would want to dominate my wardrobe. 
Okay... maybe leopard. 

I also have my eyes on these lace-imprinted stunners by Jessica Hicks.
They're a part of her new Lace and Lorraine collection.
Jessica Hicks Represented by Succarra.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Not everyone can pull off pearls like Jackie O. In fact, in my opinion,
 they have become and old and out-of-touch accessory. Think Barbara 
+ Laura Bush! They had brief stints in mainstream fashion thanks to
Madonna (Like a Virgin) and Carrie Bradshaw (the Sex and the City movie).

But it's about time our generation take back the classic riviere, 
OUR WAY! Enter Tomoko Igarashi.

The Tokyo-raised, New York transplant has designed a series of 
limited-edition statement pieces that are not your grandmother's 
pearls. Using a variety of materials, she achieves the look of the 
legendary bauble in a fun and fearlessly modern way. 

She revives the chain-link trend with 
unexpected color, knots and multi-layering.

When it comes to jewels, I say go BOLD or go home
I think Igarashi would agree.

Represented by W29 showroom.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Q is for Questionable

I'm not sure how I feel about these pieces by Katie Q
I do however love the usage of leather in jewelry.
The uncommon combination looks modern and tough, 
and makes for a unique accessory.

Check out Fat Free by cici for some fly leather earrings.

Katie Q loses me with the origami detail, 
but I can appreciate the concept.
If you're crafty, you can DIY by covering an old
cuff bracelet with leather then adding 
a piece of hardware for flare.
I may take a trip to Union Max (see past post) and DIM,
minus the origami!

Represented by Lori Schwarz showroom

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm a total sucker for the Baggu, with my favorite being 
the black baby Baggu.  Not just because it's cute, 
but it's the perfect size and color for discreetly carrying
 a spare pair of shoes. Now the bag makers have 
introduced a customizable option.
Design a silkscreen or custom label to your heart's content! 

I could go crazy with this.

The "Mom" design is a limited edition for Mother's Day.

Represented by Big Picture PR

Friday, April 3, 2009


ME GUSTA Gustto!! I previewed the fall 2009 collection yesterday 
and here are some of my favs. 

 Available in blue and silver python printed leather. 

Available in blue, burgundy and black.

Available in beige and brown.

Available in beige, purple, and brown.
Need I say more?  Maybe just that the leather was like butter.

Represented by Berri Goldfarb public relations