Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's no question that thigh-high boots are fall's trendiest (and most risque) footwear. We saw them on almost every designer runway for this season, and now they're being sold just about everywhere. Two things that make them most appealing for me? They make wearing a micro-mini possible, and you can skip tights! Pretty good perks.

Emilio Pucci
Isabel Marant

My fear? That they will get into the wrong hands, and we will be seeing a lot of this.


They quite possibly can become the "Uggs" of fall. You know what I'm talking about -- girls will be wearing them with all the wrong things and the boots will go from slick to ick, just like that! 

But I'll try to stay positive, while I anticipate seeing a stylista strutting down the street in a pair of these babies. If worn correctly, they definitely can take an ensemble to new heights. 

testing...testing...this is just a test! but i do love those zippers!


Monday, September 28, 2009


It was beautiful in New York today--the perfect day for lace.
To some, I may have looked like I was wearing a negligee, 
but I'm okay with that. I love the ladylike detail of this  
Cynthia Steffe dress (She's one of my favorite designers). I will 
probably layer it with a sweater and tights later in the season.

wide ring-Rings Eclectic, first bangle-Noir, 
floral cuff-Rachel Leigh, everything else-vintage
pumps-Giuseppe Zanotti

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I love that gloves are back in fashion, and not just to 
keep you warm. These flirty feminine mitts are from Echo Design.

Fingerless gloves have also made a comeback. 
Alexander McQueen (above), Rag & Bone, Bebe, 
Vince, Portolano Nappa, American Retro Minnesota, 
Autumn Cashmere, Malababas Miton and Carolina Amato 
all designed a pair this season. I fancy Top Shop's studded 
gloves and Free People's lacey number -- they're very a la '80s Madonna.

Speaking of the devil, she's bad ass in these Louis Vuitton ads. 
Personally, I don't think I could pull off the leather fingerless 
in my day to day, but for editorial purposes, I think they're fab.

Echo Represented by Tracy Paul & Company

Monday, September 21, 2009


Who isn't anticipating Jimmy Choo's H&M collection, 
which hits 200 stores Nov. 14? Lucky for us, some pics 
have been leaked! The accessory and clothing line combines 
rock and the '80s, two of fall's most prominent influences. 

Photos from

Koodos to H&M for having Jimmy Choo as their 
first accessory designer collaboration. Not to shabby! 
I think the collection might be worth waiting on the inevitable 
long lines at the door, dressing room and check-out! 

Friday, September 18, 2009


When I was in junior high, Bass shoes were "in," or at least in my 
circle of friends. It started with the preppy kids who took the 
term penny loafer quite literally and accented their footwear with 
pennies, and then they made their way to the fashion experimental. 
After 8th grade, their appeal dwindled for me, and it was on to 
Doc Martens and Chucks. Until last week, when I attended a Bass 
2010 preview. And DAMN, they are back and better than ever! 

Wing tips!!
A two-tone oxford pump? Yes please!

Styles to look out for (those listed in red have my name all over them):

One of the best things is that the prices are right -- all under $89!!!!

Represented by Punch PR

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Isn't accessorizing all about the stacking? It's an art really, 
and I commend anyone that has the ability to pull it off.  
As an accessory lover, I welcome the challenge everyday
 to pile it on, but it's not always pretty!

This girl was sitting next to me at one of the shows this week. 
I thought her stacking was spot on. Her array of sizes, colors 
and textures worked well together without being gaudy.

My favorite famous stacker has to be Mary-Kate. 
I mean really, who stacks higher, wider or cooler than her?

Photo from WireImage

Don't get me wrong, wearing one bold piece is fabulous and chic,
but the level of difficulty is about a zero and not very interesting.
Stacking is a risk -- it can go very wrong, but it's a chance the 
daring must take to separate themselves. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I hadn't really been that blown away by any of the accessories 
I've seen on the runway so far -- everything has been expected, 
until yesterday. J. Mendel's citron, amber and crystal-blue gowns 
were accessorized with amazing Christian Louboutin for Mendel 
shoes and lucite jewelry.True show stoppers! 
I'm speechless!

These pieces remind me of rock candy.

Props to J. Mendel for curling the models' hair! Us curly girls don't get 
a lot of love from the fashion community! The artistically disheveled 
'dos were romantic and complemented the ethereal gowns perfectly. 
When the time is right I'm definitely stealing that hairstyle!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Last night I attended a few "Fashion's Night Out" soirées. 
When the invitations first started coming in, I thought, 
"What is this Fashion's Night Out, and why are all the 
designers having an event on the same evening?" I quickly 
realized the point was to celebrate the start of fashion week and, 
more importantly, to drive sales. Many designers opened pop-up stores, 
offered discounts, gave an item free with purchase, had celebrity 
attendees, and kept the bubbly flowing, all to bring people in.
I spent most of the evening at Edmundo Castillo. The invite said 
look for the Winnebago located on Bond and Bowery. 
At first I was at the wrong party. Who knew there would be 
two Winnies on Bond?!!! This one was making tacos. Ha!
I quickly realized I wasn't in the right place and kept walking. 
I found the right Winnebago (it actually was a location van), 
and the party was inside. 

I'm not sure if overall designers profited financially from the evening. 
There seemed to be a lot of drinking/socializing and little buying. 
But if the goal was to have fashionable people out and about, 
then mission accomplished! Stylelistas were everywhere!

These were my souvenirs from the evening. 
I have to figure out how to tie them to optimize their beauty.

Edmundo autographed them for me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This is what I frolicked about in today. 
The dress and blazer are both vintage. 
I found the blazer in the Salvation Army's little-boys section, 
a department where you'll often find me -- 
apart from pants, everything usually fits. 

I procured this bad boy at a white elephant sale (aka a rummage sale) 
at a church. The snake is real, score!!!
The daisy bracelet is vintage. 
I think the charm bracelet is Kenneth Cole, 
but I'm not sure because I removed the label.
I bought this comb at a plus-size vintage store called
ReDress in Brooklyn. I can find something anywhere!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The price of a velour Juicy Couture handbag: $178

Shopping for one at discount retailer Loehmanns: $100 + tax

Friday, September 4, 2009


As I'm preparing myself both mentally and physically 
for the start of NY Fashion Week, I'm just now realizing 
that I'm about to see Spring 2010. Spring 2010?? 
I'm still wearing summer! Haven't even been able to bust 
out any of my threads or trinkets for fall 2009 yet! 
Yesterday I viewed my first spring accessories collection, Faryl Robyn. 
She never disappoints! Her designs are clever, and her 
color palettes are unique while still being wearable. 
This season it's her heel shapes that make a statement. 
With designers like Louis Vuitton incorporating geometric 
shaped heels, I predict that this is going to be a reaccuring 
shoe trend all week. Stay tuned!

Represented by Maletzky Media

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I wanted to share with you pictures of the bride from 
the wedding I went to this past weekend, mainly because 
her hair accessory was spot on! The headband was a pleasant 
and whimsical addition that took her overall look to a chic, 
fashionable and downright freakin' awesome level! 
I couldn't take my eyes off of her or the bejeweled bauble! 
I think most brides focus on their dress and forget about 
what an amazing accessory can do. The rest of her jewelry 
was minimal, as it should have been. Well done, Jen!

Seriously... it's like a spread out of Modern Bride magazine.

Here's what I stepped out in today.

jacket and earrings vintage, jumper-recycled from junior high, shoes-stuart weitzman