Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have a lot to talk about this week, 
as many designers are showing their holiday collections.
But first... something more mind blowing!
While walking down 5th Avenue, I was stopped at a crosswalk, 
I looked down and there it was... 
something you  could only see in New York -- 
a pair of lace up men's oxfords turned into peep-toe slingbacks!!!! 
I kid you not. 
My first thought, "Camera, where is my camera?" 
I rummaged through my bag, 
my second thought being, "Please don't let the traffic light change." 
I got out my Nikon D50, quietly and discreetly took my first picture. 
The light changed, and he was off.

There began my pursuit of following him, 
and this guy was a quick walker. It was in the 90's today, 
I had a film of sweat covering my body but I sucked it up 
and kept pace closely behind him.

As I was chasing him, all i could think was "I NEED more angles of this"! 

I cannot believe it! Full on slingbacks!!!! 
Was this a home project? Or professionally done?

While I commend him on his creativity, 
I think peep-toes should be saved for the ladies!! 
Wouldn't you say?

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