Monday, August 10, 2009


Hair accessories can top off any look, but 
they're usually on the bottom of my list 
of fashion priorities, except of course when 
I'm dreaming of living on a tropical island and 
donning a red hibiscus in my hair. 
Then they are a must!
I viewed Colette Malouf's fall collection recently, 
and it reminded me of how fun hair accessories 
can be where ever you are. They are an unexpected 
element that can transform an outfit. 
Everything else can be understated 
(minimal makeup, small earrings, simple attire),
and a bold hair bauble will attract all of the attention 
and draw it to your face.

These combs are my favorite. The craftsmanship is stellar.

Note to self -- I can live in New York 
and still wear a flower in my hair.

Represented by Siren Pr.

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