Sunday, August 16, 2009


It was a little too hot today to be sporting any 
extra accessories, but I did for the love of Faye. 
Five years ago, I went through a phase when I would 
wear a hankerchief on my head everyday. 
(I can't remember if I was covering a bad haircut 
or if it was my simple solution to not doing my hair.) 
After Netflixing Bonnie and Clyde, I was inspired to 
don it again, with a twist.

scarf-Bilingual, sunglasses-vintage, top-from Greece, necklace-Rachel Leigh

I can't say I liked the movie, but Faye's costumes 
and beauty make up for the lackluster plot. 
I think the scarf around her neck is worth copying.

I stored away my beret in high school shortly 
after a class trip to Paris. I thought I was cool 
purchasing a traditional black beret until the 
rest of my classmates picked up their own in a 
rainbow of colors and wore them everywhere we went. 
We could have been chanting "TOURISTS COMING THROUGH" 
and it would have been more subtle. 
I'll hold off till fall to take that one out of the archives!

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