Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While planning her wedding, Rebecca Minkoff got a 
firsthand look at how limited stylish bridal accessories can be. 
(Not having planned a wedding, I'll trust her on this.) 
Taking matters into her own hands, she designed custom-made 
bags for each of her bridesmaids, thus the "I Do" collection was born. 

Her designs are a marriage of elegance and edgy, 
a winning combination for any handbag.

Classic creme and black are available, 
or (even cooler) you can provide your own fabric. 
Something to match their dresses perhaps? 
Prices range from $190-$225, with a minimum of four bags. 
A little steep for the average gal, but if you have the funds, 
your bridesmaids will thank you! 

Represented by Shine Media PR

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