Thursday, August 6, 2009


Unlike yesterday's post, today I bring you a good idea 
when it comes to shoes. It's from Kenneth Cole, 
and I think it's going to change the future of footwear. 
It's called the 925 TECHNOLOGY collection 
(a little play on the metal silver and 9 to 5, as in the workday).  

Each shoe is designed with a patented cushioning 
system that consists of two layers of foam (a shock absorber 
and a memory foam that molds to the shape of the foot), 
a flaxseed pillow in the arch for support, a rubber sole for flexibility, 
a sheepskin lining allowing the foot to breathe 
and an impact resistant nylon heel lift.

I tried one on, and it was pretty cozy to say the least.  
This month a limited supply of 5 different shoe designs 
with the fancy shmancy inside are available. 

Look for the silver heel.

They aren't just limiting the 925 TECHNOLOGY to stilettos, 
the inner lining can also be found in flats. 
As those of us high-heel wearers know, 
sometimes a flat can be less comfortable than a heel, 
so kudos to Kenneth!

Going forward all of their shoes will have 
the 925 TECHNOLOGY. I definitely wouldn't 
mind owning a pair. Having a pretty pump I can wear 
all day and into the evening without any pain sounds good to me. 
I think this is the start of a feel good shoe revolution! 

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