Friday, July 24, 2009


My friend is getting married and honeymooning 
in New Zealand. I'm a bridesmaid, and my duty for the bridal 
shower was the "wishing well." In my opinion, wishing wells are 
an archaic tradition so I decided to make it modern. 
I chose a honeymoon theme and to create the "well" out of a 
vintage suitcase. After a few days of searching, I stumbled upon 
this gem at a thrift store. It's an old-school Samsonite. 
I really liked the color, the size was perfect, 
the inside checked out and the monograms were two M's. 
The couple's names are Matt and Meg. Score!!

The is how I customized it. All it took were stencils, 
a bottle of spray paint, stickers and patience.

At the shower the guests piled their honeymoon gifts 
in the case, and it looked really good. 
Unfortunately I don't have a picture, my bad!

Prior to this project, it didn't dawn on me how cool vintage
suitcases could be. I definitely need one for myself. If not to use, to have as decor. 
Another item on my list of things to look for while thrift shopping!!

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