Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Isn't accessorizing all about the stacking? It's an art really, 
and I commend anyone that has the ability to pull it off.  
As an accessory lover, I welcome the challenge everyday
 to pile it on, but it's not always pretty!

This girl was sitting next to me at one of the shows this week. 
I thought her stacking was spot on. Her array of sizes, colors 
and textures worked well together without being gaudy.

My favorite famous stacker has to be Mary-Kate. 
I mean really, who stacks higher, wider or cooler than her?

Photo from WireImage

Don't get me wrong, wearing one bold piece is fabulous and chic,
but the level of difficulty is about a zero and not very interesting.
Stacking is a risk -- it can go very wrong, but it's a chance the 
daring must take to separate themselves. 

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