Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am lovin' these bags by CC SKYE

I have three large storage crates full of vintage handbags.  
Oddly, I don't have one amazing black bag. Colorful clutches
 up the wazoo but a basic black that I would carry everyday, not a one! 
When it comes to accessories, I tend to favor shoes and jewelry. 
As a result, I have closets full of pumps and an armoire overflowing 
with jewels. I NEED a bag. A good one. One that if there was a fire in 
my apartment, I would run back in to get it!! I am starting my fab handbag fund today.
And until I have enough moolah saved -- 
I will keep my eyes on the prize and my nose to the grindstone 
for what I could be potentially carrying  next fall. 
These three bags are in the running.
What do you think?

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