Thursday, April 23, 2009


Lace is like leopard print -- it never goes out of style. There are seasons 
when it's more prominently a trend than others, but it's always present. 
With recent innovations, designers have gotten crafty when it comes to 
modernizing the material and using it for everything. Stuart Weitzman 
used laser-cut suede to resemble lace for the fall 2009 collection. 
They're not the first to do it, but I still think it's so cool!

Lace is so romantic and vintage inspired, I can't think of a better 
material I would want to dominate my wardrobe. 
Okay... maybe leopard. 

I also have my eyes on these lace-imprinted stunners by Jessica Hicks.
They're a part of her new Lace and Lorraine collection.
Jessica Hicks Represented by Succarra.

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