Monday, May 4, 2009


Super Fertile takes statement jewelry to new levels. 
Season after season they produce over-the-top pieces 
that are fun and down-right extreme. Right now I'm 
drawn to the Hunger collection because it is BIG and bold
but also wearable. The line was designed to raise world 
hunger awareness and is crafted with beads moulded to 
look like staple foods such as corn, rice, and beans. 
7% of proceeds go to OXFAM to help with the world food crisis.

Walk out in one of these babies and you're sure to get noticed! 
Paired with a simple ensemble, these necklaces are like an 
embellished neckline on steroids.

The Super Fertile website is worth checking out. 
Trust me, you won't be disappointed or bored!  
The collections are photographed in an array of 
locations and modeled by a colorful cast of characters. 
Their style is truly unconventional, and I appreciate 
their fearlessness and individuality.

They like to keep things intimate with their customers, 
so to purchase an item you have to contact them with a request.

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